Monday, June 13, 2011

Wednesday: Grasmere to Patterdale

Miles Traveled: 7.5

Blah. I woke up having such high hopes for today. mistyIt was obvious as soon as I set foot outside Helvellyn was not really an option. The weather report said 50mph gusts on summits... ick! Still I was hoping the clouds would lift enough to tackle St. Sunday crag. I huffed and puffed up Great Tongue only to see... more clouds :(

Looking up at St. Sunday I knew there was no way I'd get the killer views like I wanted. Deflated, I chose the Grisdale Valley route, deciding not to waste my energy wandering thru a cloud and seeing nothing. I kept stopping, hoping the clouds would break like they have done most days. No such luck. That did not stop some people from making their own way up Helvellyn, avoiding Striding Edge (they are stupid, but not idiotic!)

I even contemplated going back up St. Sunday via Patterdale, sans pack. The YH is always openn, so I could check in, drop off all unessential stuff, then head up-- such a cinch! However, as I got to the hostel, reception still only opens at 5pm... and I do not feel comfortable leaving my bag for such a long time in an open (and unlocked) area. :: sigh :: I suppose its laundry day for me.

Probably eating at White Lion tonight, I got a 16-miler tomorrow as my swan song to the Lake District, so I better be ready!

What I have learned so far:

  • Call your bank (ahem... BofA) to let them know you are traveling, thus to avoid a 40 minute phone call from a public telephone booth which slightly smells of piss
  • Waterproof eq GODSEND
  • iPhone GPS & compass will die. Go the old fashioned way
  • Have a detailed map, so when you do get lost you can compare with someone elses to figure out where it all went wrong
  • People are friendly... sometimes sheep are not
  • Stop and enjoy the view- be it from a high peak or a low valley

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