Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday: Richmond to Danby Wiske

Miles Traveled: 15.5
Food: Pizza :)

Well today was a weird weather day. Rain, sun, clouds, and hail! It would rain for like 5 minutes then be super sunny. No rainbows sadly.

I am not sure what Wainwright was thinking on the route today, passing by a swear plant and then walking on about 10 miles of road. A humdrum photo day to be sure.

Staying at Lovesome Hill Farm outside Danby Wiske, seems ok. A bit strange because I got in early and no one was ready for us. We have to do some mountaineering to get up to the rooms, but now we are in a cosy (after I turned the heater on), waiting for our rooms to be ready. The lady when she came back brought in fresh fruit bread for us and milk for our tea. Lovely :)

I think tomorrow is blissfully short ( less than 10 miles) so it will make the road walking a bit more tolerable.

Getting a takeaway with two girls who are also staying here for the night. They were going to camp but after seeing the hail decided against it. This is their THIRD time doing the Coast to Coast, and they just turned 21. Amazing!

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