Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monday: Reeth to Richmond

Miles Traveled: 12
Food: Amantola Tandoori
Beer: Matfen Magic

Today might have been the best walking day weather wise on the trip so far. Sunny with some clouds and breeze, good short's and long sleeve weather.

The journey out of Reeth was not hard and in fact not once did I use my compass! Traveled thru more fields and over some fields and we even got a nice wooded area (White Cliffe Wood). And what was our reward for the days hike? Richmond. The largest city we go thru on the Coast to Coast.

I had a hard time waiting for 5pm to show up so I could eat at the Amantola Tandoori restaurant. Glad I did though, joined two other Coast to Coasters in there and had some lamb Rogan Josh. Perfect meal in preparation for the longish walking day tomorrow to Danby Wiske. I also had a mango ice cream... two ice creams in one day!

I am staying at the Old Brewery and it seems pleasant enough. I spend the rest of my day around town, checking out the castle, contemplating the waterfalls whilst having an ice cream cone, as well as taking a snooze soaking up the the last few rays of the sun :)

After that we went to the Georgian Theater for 'Pints & Poetry'. Was a bit strange but there were some interesting presenters, including one very old man who read a poem... but kept telling stories. He definitely went on rambling for about 5 minutes, hilarious and awkward at the same time.

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