Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday: Glaisdale to ROBIN HOOD'S BAY

Miles: 19

DONE. Wow. It is so strange to say that.

When I saw Whitby Abbey (of Count Dracula fame) I just put pedal to the metal. I finally could see boats on the sea. I thought I was going to cry I was so excited. I probably did not give Little Beck the look around it deserved, however I did stop at Falling Foss for lunch-- but I was just so excited to finally get to the sea.

I also walked thru Grosmont, home of the North York Moors Railway. This train was made famous in Harry Potter, however it has always been a hotspot for train enthusiasts.

Getting to the Coast was-- one of the greatest moment of my life. To finally step out onto the coast line to feel the wind on my face was exhilarating. And, what a coast line!

Wainwright, the cheeky bastard he is, gave us about a 2 mile victory entry into Robin Hood's Bay, with the destination not even in sight until the very end. I was so nervous about getting there I refused to trust my compass and asked people multiple times if I was going the right way.

As promised, when I hit the High Street which ends at the Sea, I turned on the Indiana Jones Theme Tune on my iPod and took the headphones off. I am sure passerbys thought I was a bit mad, but all the walkers I have seen a long the way who finished completely understood my jubilation and congratulated me.

Tom and Laura were at the bottom to greet me. Poor Laura was made to run to the bottom as Tom was worried I was going to beat them (that being said I got in around 2:30-3, I blazed 19 miles). After hugs and kisses, I went to dip my boots into the North Sea and chuck my stone, which made the sometimes arduous, but always breath-taking trip with me into its new home in the Sea.....

My Coast to Coast Walk. Done.

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