Monday, June 20, 2011

Wednesday: Danby Wiske to Osmotherley

Miles Traveled: 8

Another easy day today. Not as tedious yesterday thankfully! Got to use my calves for a bit, a nice reprieve from all that flat walking! Once again today was farmland. It was nice that some people left out food for walkers via an honesty box. I grabbed a banana from a farm for 30p!

I am in Osmotherely tonight staying at 4 Belle Vue Cottages . Christine is here as well, so thats nice. Went to dinner at 3 Tuns, where I had an asparagus and pea mint soup and a small portion of linguine. Of course I had a local ale: Wells County Town Brewery- Summer Gold (so local I could not find a web page). Lovely!

Crossing A19 was not nearly as exciting as I'd hoped, but it was a bit of fun to dash across!

Tomorrow is the return of the hills as I enter the Yorkshire Moors. If I am lucky I may see the North Sea tomorrow!

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