Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday: Keld to Reeth

Miles Traveled: 12
Beer Consumed: Ringwood Brewery Boondoggle
Pub: Bridge Inn

Another wet day. I took the Valley route instead of going up to the lead mines above Keld. Although it was nice, was still chilly-- wonder what it was like up top!

Got lost (again) around Kearton. Luckily I got down to the B6270 to get into Healaugh, getting me back on track. One of the joys of valley walks I suppose-- if you start going up you are probably going the wrong way :)

The river Swale was the focus of the walk today. It was a good point of reference for the entire walk, as it meandered around the valley. Plenty of farmland around, with fat and happy sheep in abundance.

Staying at Dales Bike Center right outside Reeth in Fremington, I have the room to myself and did a bit of washing as well. I need to figure out breakfast, the guy was gone when I headed down to check. Luckily another bunch of guys staying helped to sort me out. They are mountain bikers enjoying a long weekend in the Dales. Got a quick jaunt to Richmond tomorrow, 12 miles.

Apparently there is a concert going on so the pub I am eating at is very busy. I think I need to investigate.

:: time passes ::

Ok there is an Elizabethan concert at St. Andrew's Church (right across the street). I guess I am heading there after this.

:: more time passes ::

So I just came back from the concert, it was again another random event. I walked over and a queue (a line to my American friends) had already formed. I asked the people at the end of the line what the deal was, ie do we need tickets etc. They replied yes you do need tickets, and they so happened to have an extra ticket! Sehr glucklich!

So the group was called Fretwork (a viol group: stringed musical instruments from the 15th century), with guests Iestyn Davies (singer) and Jacob Heringman (lute-- and an American to boot!). The music they played was from Byrd, Dowland, and Purcell. It was all part of the Swaledale Festival which was I think a 2 week long festival along the Yorkshire Dales.

If you like classical music, I highly suggest you give the Fretworks a go... you can go to their jukebox and listen. I recommend Purcell's One Fantazia in One Part. Just magnificent.

A great evening for sure!

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