Monday, June 13, 2011

Thursday: Patterdale to Shap

Angle Tarn
Miles Traveled: 17
Beer: Derwent Brewery - Springtime

What a lovely day! Not once did I don my raincoat and waterproof pants. I actually wore my tank top and switched to shorts! A perfect walking day. I think I even got a SUNBURN!

Angle Tarn has to be one of the loveliest lakes I have ever seen. It was nestled on Angle Tarn Pike with an amazing view overlooking the Lake District. Was not too much wind so you could get a reflection in the waters. With only hints of clouds and a bright blue sky-- it made for quite a picture.

Around Satura Crag I had a mishap, one foot got fully submerged in boggy mud. I quickly switched socks for fear of too much moisture causing blisters. Still- was pretty funny! Good thing a I had an extra pair of socks.

It was bittersweet leaving the Lakes, but I knew I must press on. This next bit seems a bit nice and flat, a change of pace for sure. Some people may take that as 'boring' but when you are doing high mileage days you welcome flats.

Kidsty Pike was a nice easy clamber (for a change!) with lovely views leading down to Haweswater. The reservoir was actually more difficult than I imagined, but lunch was quite lovely along the lake.

Margaret at Brookfield House is lovely. I got offered scones and tea when I first arrived. However as soon as I saw the bath I knew that was first on the agenda! After a lovely soak I had a cuppa with the other people staying in the B&B. A large group of people walking, using Sherpa Vans to lug their stuff (I wish I thought of that!). Seemed very friendly-- actually everyone I met has been!

I am eating at The Greyhound and I must say, this is the best dinner yet! Warm goat cheese salad with roasted red pepper tossed in a lovely vinaigrette. Then fresh out of the oven lasagna with toasted garlic bread. Washed down with another local ale-- and thats all she wrote!

20 miles tomorrow... ugh! I have breakfast at 0730 and I hope to be out by 0800, arriving in Kirkby (pronounced Kirby) Stephen by 5pm.

120 miles to go!

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