Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday: Chop Gate to Glaisdale

Miles: 20
Beer: The Captain Cook Brewery - Slipway

Another flat day of flat walking mostly. My feet were so unhappy today- I even (finally) got a blister (which went away after the bath)! The Wain Stones and Chop Gate because it was a bit of climb, but then to Blakey Ridge it was all flat. If the heather would be in bloom it would have been absolutely beautiful. Sadly this was not the case so it was a bit bleak along the Moors. The saving grace was The White Lion.

Perched alone on the top of the Moors on Blakey Ridge, it is the 4th highest pub in England (the highest being Tan Hill Inn near Keld). I (finally) had my packed lunch from Osmotherley as well as a pint of Theakston's Old Peculiar.

After that though it was back to the road walking. At least the sun popped its head out for a bit to say hello.

Staying at the Red House Farm today. The lady convinced me to stay for a 0730 breakfast so I guess I am heading off at 0800. Another 19 miler into Robin Hood's Bay and I am hoping to get in by 4pm, we shall see!

Its kind of bittersweet to almost be done with with this walk. Its been almost 2 weeks, and now its so close to the end. I have had such great adventures, I do not know if I am happy to be finished or sad my trip is coming to a close.

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