Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday: Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Miles Traveled: 22
Beer: Shandy (too hot for an ale)

Hot. That is how I describe today. It was hard to really enjoy the scenery when you feel your skin baking away. Sometimes you felt on the moon with just moorland as far as the eye can see (and no tree in sight!)

I did however get to stop at Scar Side Bed & Breakfast at Margaret's suggestion for some cold lemonade and have my lunch. The owner was very friendly and the shade felt lovely.

I was only supposed to do 20 miles today, but I went to Orton by mistake. Which is fine except it was an extra 2 miles on an already long day! My feet are a bit worse for wear but I bought some ibuprofen and I am sure that is a god send.

Kirkby Stephen hostel is definitely not as nice as the other hostels. It's overly warm and there are blankets and towels strewn about. Its a place to stay though, so that works.

I went with Kristine (she is doing the walk for charity) to The Kings Arms for dinner. For starter I had a black pudding tower, which was three of the puddings covered in a peppercorn sauce. For a main I went for Hawaiian Salmon, which besides for the pineapple I do not know was Hawaiian about it but it was fantastic. The fish was moist and paired lovely with the fruit (surprisingly)

Tomorrow is luckily at 14.5 miles- should be a breeze after today!

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