Monday, April 4, 2011

Rain and Socks....

So, let's be honest-- I will be hiking in England. And to add to the bad juju--I will be traipsing thru part of England which gets the most rainfall (which btw is 185 inches/year). So it seemed almost crucial to worry about keeping dry. Hiking about 15 miles a day is bad enough, but hiking while wet can be a morale (and feet) killer.

  • So for my feet-- my boots are gortex so I am not overly concerned unless I decide to start stomping thru large puddles or bogs. I did buy smartwool hiking socks as well as some EMS Dry Liner Socks as a base layer. I am hoping this will also reduce my chance of blisters.

  • I also have an EMS rain jacket which I believe would do the trick (unless its torrential downpours).

  • I broke down and bought waterproof overpants. They have full zips on the sides (unlike the pair I already own) so I can easily throw them on whilst on the trail, as well as make some ventilation.

After doing that hike in the Black Forest when it was raining/snowing and still feeling quite snug, I definitely know how important it is to feel dry even when walking against mother nature.

Speaking of the Black Forest, I did a quick 8.5 mile walk this weekend in my favorite part of the black forest-- Titisee/Feldberg. Can you believe we were watching snowboarders while basking in 70 degree weather?? Pictures to follow!

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