Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 2 of Bodensee Rundweg

0835: ich liebe Deutsche früstuck. I count no less than 7 different cheeses on the table (no cheddar but plenty of Brie and Swiss) and 4 varieties of müslei, something I have grown vey fond of during my time in Europe. Don't get me wrong, I would kill for some blueberry pancakes or some eggs,toast, and sausage.... But when in Rome!

I feel really good after my bike ride. True I passed out around 2100, woke up and listened to the hockey game for a bit, then passed out around 0100 again. My only concern is my butt and my back. I am hoping a good nights rest and paracetemol will cure it, but yes definitely some lessons learned!

I am determined to make it to Meersburg, a town 30km away. We will make a judgement call then. 'We' being me and my butt ;)

35min in: Wasserburg

Ever get the feeling that something is out there watching over you? That's how I felt when I saw a bike store open on a Sunday. I said 'ein Kissen for mein sitzplatz auf mein fahrrad?' it worked! 11 euros later I know have a cushion for my bike..... Relief!

In Meersberg I made the executive decision to take the boat to Konstanz. I am pretty sure I could of made the extra trip to überlingen and from there to Konstanz. However I was reaching new levels of pain with my butt and my knee was starting to 'feel off'. I know I have a hash on Tuesday and hiking next weekend in the Alps, so I figured one must save my knees.

I biked thru so many cute towns I wish I could of spent more time in. Friedichshafen had a zepplinmuseum and Meersburg just seemed like a nice place to spend a lazy weekend with a hike or two. Something about the water made them so appealing. Between the two towns I sat at a biergarten and had lunch on the beach. I felt so at peace with the sun shining and just sitting there I could have stayed for hours.

Had I had another day I could of easily finished the lake. Had I more training/prep with the bike I could of squeezed more miles in. However, for my first real ride of the season: In two days I biked about 119 km (71.4miles) thru three countries. I biked along the lake and in the shadow of the Alps. I crossed fields of flowers and pastures with grazing cows. I had such a lovely time I can only hope to do this sort of thing more.

Oh yeah, this was training for another adventure! Awesome! I will update this with photos soon, but for now it's time for some (well deserved) sleep!

Schönen nacht!

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