Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A walk in the Alps

There is something to be said having a beer under the shadow of the Eiger and Jungfrau. After a 6.5 hour hike up a mountain and along the side side of it to get there- it tastes a bit like victory. It was a heck of a climb (Min Altitude: 2,146 ft Max Altitude: 7,342 ft ) however the views kinda make you forget the huffing and puffing you just did. You may have to zoom in with the google map... or just click the link to see a larger view and see all the stats.

View Wandern durch die Alpen! in a larger map

Lauterbrunnen is an amazing place, small and less toursity then Interlaken... but no less exciting! On Sunday we saw no less the 5 base jumpers while walking in the valley. Pretty sweet.

Best part: My feet did not hurt at all! Plus with the snow my Gore-tex was again tested and yet again--- passed beautifully.

I am getting sad about leaving Germany-- it is so easy to get to the Alps from there and don't forget the Schwarzwald and Bodensee! I am sure I will find some nice hikes in England though. So I guess I am sad but excited :)

Pictures coming! Plenty of cows and pretty mountain flowers!

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