Monday, April 18, 2011

Bodensee- Deconstructed

So I was trying to get Google Maps to play nice, and I got tired of it after a few minutes. So I used a postcard I got for my Granny (HALLO GRANNY!) to illustrate!

The purple line indicates my path (more or less). OK, so its kinda hard to see (click for a better view), if you want you can check out Day 2 on Google Maps if it would make you feel better. I started in Konstanz and headed southeast (this postcard makes it look all funky, but trust me, Germany is above Switzerland!) thru beautiful Switzerland and then onto (apparently) confusing Austria. If you can see there is a part in the upper left of the postcard where I go off on some crazy ride (which was about a 12km diversion round trip) I did not realize my error until I saw sign with Swiss webpage addresses :(

A beautiful (albeit slightly misguided) viewHonestly though, when you have the Alps for a backdrop, you really hardly care (well after 4.5 hours of riding I sorta did), but come on... with views like this, seriously?

I stayed at Hotel Stift in Lindau, an excellent location in the Alt Stadt (Old Town). I paid 55 EUR for one night, which included breakfast. There was a bike stand outside, which in my circumstances worked out quite well.

If I had to go back to any town I passed, I think it would have to be Meersburg. I do not think I could spend a whole week there, but something about it was just adorable and the hills around it looked like fun wandern! Also, it seemed near wine country :) Perfect!

SO yes, this WAS for training right? What I learned:
Meersburg Schloss
  • Get padding for your bike seat: Believe me, I was shocked when I found a bike shop open on a Sunday in Germany. However, I think the damage was done the previous day.
  • Stretch periodically
  • SUNSCREEN: Even in Germany!
  • Always bring energy bars/GORP to munch on
  • Take photos and notes often
  • When stressed, close your eyes, breathe in the fresh air, and then open your eyes and take in the view. No matter where you are it will look better and your spirits will be lifted (I seriously had some epiphanies on this trip)
  • I need to strengthen my back and shoulders more: my pack was killing me after a while, although I do not think the angle I was riding helped
Oh so the numbers (guesstimated)--
Total Hours Riding: 9-10 hours
Total KM: 130KM (give or take-- my GPS said something different)
Total Calories Burned: 2372
Number of adorable animals seen: too many to count

Oh! The map I used! It was a RadwanderKarte for Bodensee und Umgebung. You can actually get a detailed one of JUST the Bodensee Radweg (ISBN 978-3-89920-199-4). The trails were pretty well marked (except that ONE okace), you can also check out

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