Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bodensee Radweg

Maybe Java was right... It seems wrong to wake up at 0515 on a Saturday, regardless of reason. However, once I get an idea stuck in my head-- I tend to follow thru. And with less than a month left in Germany, I figured it was time to bike the Bodensee. So, with sleep still tugging at my eyes, I slogged out of bed to get ready.

Of course in true Melissa form I left my bike lock keys in my apartment and I only realized this AFTER I climbed down the stairs. So back up the stairs (all 148 of them) I went with my bike to grab the key.

The entire Bodensee Radweg is 260km long. Even for a cautiously optimistic person that is a lot to cover in two days. This includes the ~46km trip to Schaffhausen (where the Rhinefalls are) so I can take comfort that my trip is shortened by at least 25 miles. Woo....

I am being realistic and keeping my options open. I will see how I feel after my 76km (roughly 45 miles) ride today. There are trains along the path on Sunday, and although I would be disappointed... I would rather play it safe than risk some injury!

So as I sit here on the train I think about Java and how only a few hours ago he probably crawled into bed as I was waking up... and the beautiful day that lies ahead of me. I think I win :)

0906: auf dem zug nach Kruezlingen. Does anyone notice the closer you get to Switzerland, the nicer the bathrooms on the trains are?

1 hr23 minutes in: I am in Romanshorn, did 23km in this amount of time! That's 1 km ever 4 minutes! Not too shabby for stopping for photos!

I love this area. It is so beautiful, and it definitely helps that the sun is shining! The lake is very calm today and the cows are out-- guess what most photos are of?

12:33: stopping in rosarch for lunch along the Bodensee. If I see a bike shop I am buying padding for my bike!

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