Thursday, April 14, 2011


The Bodensee (known to Americans as Lake Constance... why we do this all the time to German words is beyond me) is pretty close to me and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Lindau last summer. Geographically speaking the Bodensee is in a pretty awesome place. On one side you have Germany, and then on the other side you have Austria and Switzerland. Lindau itself is great because it straddles Baden-Wuttemberg and Bayern , so a State ticket from either one would get you there (I think... don't let the DB people catch you with a falsche fahrschein and you tell them 'Oh, well MELISSA said...').

I have read about people biking the Bodensee, so I figure its high time I try it myself. I do not think I will make it the entire 260km trail (156 miles) in two days... but I will definitely log some decent miles the first day and then see how I feel the next day. Luckily there are ferries which can whisk you across the lake at certain points so if I am feeling really tired those can always be viable options to!

I bought a map at Decathlon and it seems pretty intuitive so I am not to frightened about getting lost (If I do not see water, I am probably off track)

All in all I think my training is going fairly well- I am staying active and I am pretty sure I am the most fit I have ever been, lets just hope it's enough!

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