Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hash House Wha??

So one of my friends has been trying to get me to hash (if you dont know what it is check it out here!) for a while now. And since I am leaving I figured I should give it a shot.

Now, I do not really like running too much-- I did it a lot more in DC and it kinda went on the wayside to hiking and spinning. I figured however it was time to break out the running shoes and see what this was all about.

So I went with the Stuttgart Chapter and I must say I had a pretty good time! First off I saw a part of Stuttgart I am sure I never have seen (nor would have seen) if not for this hash. I am not sure how far we went, all I know is that there was a beer stop in the middle, some beer at the end (in the circle), and then a biergarten afterwards. It was a great way to get a run in, socialize, meet new people, and drink beer. There is no real pressure to drink beer either, although I am pretty sure its sacrilegious to go to a biergarten and not have a beer :)

So all in all a great day-- finished and submitted my paper and got a run in. So to all the hashers I say... ON ON!!

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