Saturday, March 5, 2016

Running the Fleet

St Pancras Church
If naming one of London's lost rivers were a pub trivia question- most people would answer the Fleet. It has a pretty famous street named after it after all. I decided to tackle this 7 mile run on a bright sunny day, which made the start- Hampstead Heath, even more picturesque. Here come the facts & photos. By the way, the Blackfriar pub is right at the end and is highly recommended for post run pint!

One of the bathing ponds at Hampstead Heath 
  • The Fleet was once the western boundary of London- separating it from Westminster
  • Covered over in 1769
  • Whitestone Pond, one of the sources of the Fleet, is the highest point in inner London 
  • Swim in the Fleet? You sure can! The bathing ponds in Hampstead Heath are fed by the Fleet. 
  • The Fleet is actually underneath Regents Canal
  • St Pancras Church is one of the oldest Christian site in Britain, with a Church being built here as early as 314 AD
  • The Holborn Viaduct featured some of the world's first electric street lights

    Regents Canal - another great run!
    Don't forget to look up!