Monday, January 31, 2011

My Thought Process....

I do not know what possessed me to want to do this trail. Living in Germany I have plenty of choices with the Alps nearby, but something about a walking trail about 200 miles long in the United Kingdom just seemed exciting. True, there are no towering mountains looming over your head, but what you do get are some sweeping vistas of the Lake District. There are no cowbells to be heard (which I feel could possibly get annoying after a time anyways), however I find sheep a tad more adorable, and we all know England has a lot of sheep. Case in point, last time I was photographing sheep I took almost 2 GB of photos (in RAW to be sure, but still), which by all accounts could be labeled under an 'unhealthy appreciation' for the animal....

And lets be 100% honest here, there is something to be said about full english breakfasts. Namely they are the best thing to happen since Cheddar Cheese (thanks again Brits!). Most B&B's seem to offer them as part of the cost, probably made by an aodrable English lady who also has a tea cosy on all the tea pots. Luckily I hope to mix hostels and B&B's to help offset the cost, and hopefully subdue my arteries from suffering a cosmic meltdown.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention English Ale. Once again I draw the ire of my friends who swear to me German beer is better, however this is a matter of debate for a different forum and I would be more than happy to outlay my points over a beer or two at a pub.

I also feel like the English Countryside is amazginly beautiful, even in the rain (but not too much please). There is something to be said about torrential downpours and watching British people sloshing around in Wellies like its just another day, whereas most other people (like myself) would be hunkered down drinking Cream Tea.

So there, my reasonings: beautiful countryside, Lake district, two Seas, food, sheep, stiff upper lip... what other reasons do I need?

Next blog: a bit of history and laying down my route