Sunday, February 27, 2011

Westweg - Super Fun

So as I strode into Forbach on the 2nd and final day of my Westweg walk (which goes all the way to Basel by the way... another interesting feat if anyone is interested), I was recounting my steps that day. You could see from my previous postings it started to snow on the trail... which turned into pretty much a blizzard as I trudged into Kaltenbronn. Then suddenly as I was walking -POOF- no snow. It was so strange! Well then it became rain and so it began.

So here is day One of my Westweg hike- from Pforzheim to Dobel. I do not know what happened but my GPS missed some mileage... so just imagine a line where it makes sense! Oh and its in two maps... but I was happy GPS worked.

Day One - Part 1: Pforzheim to some random point on a river
Day One - Part 2: Neunberg to Dobel
Day Two: Dobel to Forbach

For the lazy people here is the summary:
Total Distance: 59.43 km
Total Time: ~13 hours
Average: 4.5km/hr

Not too bad if you ask me!

Some things I learned on the trip:

  • Band-Aids are so important: and tissues work in a pinch, but be prepared to reap the consequences
  • When you think you've overpacked... you haven't: After the first day I was thinking how silly I was bringing snow pants and crampons. Halfway thru the 2nd day I was counting my blessings!
  • Breakfast is important: Mom was right, it IS the most important meal of the day! I didn't bite into my Snickers bar until Forbach (but then I instantly became ravenous and the granola came soon after)
  • Music is good to lift spirits
  • Do not rely on your phone to get you directions: I had FULL bars in Dobel but was getting nowhere with Google Maps or the interwebs, luckily the Gasthof had signs from the trail
  • Talk to yourself: Else you will go crazy(ier)
  • Take photos!
  • Cherish the moments, all of them: Sketchy/hilarious moments make for great stories to fellow hikers

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