Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post Amsterdam aftermath....

After a fun respite from my workout regiment, I started again today doing the dreaded stair climby thing. Maybe to everyone else it isn't daunting, but just think of it- 20 minutes of constant going up.... No going down, just varying degrees of ouch.

I am sure long distance runners scoff at my dread, cut me some slack eh?

So I did the 20 minutes on 'cascade' (of death.... It didn't say that, I just added it for dramatic effect) and all in all not too bad. My heart rate recovered quite nicely and I burned about 240 calories and climbed the equivalent of 94 floors! To put that into perspective, the Empire State Building has 102 floors. I was not dripping sweat like after a spinning class, but man never was I so glad for a workout to be over!

To be fair I didn't really take a break from working out. Tom and I went to Amsterdam for 3 days, and in that time we did a decent amount of walking and even a bike ride for a couple of hours (including me just going for it in an intersection... Whoo adrenaline rush!). True, much alcohol was consumed... but it could have been worse. Tom took it upon himself to ingest some frites covered (I am sure he disagrees) in mayonnaise. What? I almost had a whole wedge of Old Amsterdam cheese by myself? Psh! Calcium! .

...Let's consider it a wash shall we?

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