Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(Mostly) Behaving

So... I -think- all of the hostels/B&B are booked except for the one in Robin's Hood Bay. I even had to mail (as in POST) information to people because they did not have the Internet. Crazy to think how in this day and age that is even possible, but go figure. I will post my mileage and stopovers as soon as I have time to dedicate to it. Work has been a bit crazy these last few days, so be patient!

I have been managing to work out every day as well- and still watch what I am eating. I am trying to stay away from carbs, and I am noticing now if I have carbs with meals I get full much faster than I used to.

I also found out it is almost 1.25 miles to walk to work from the train station, so when I have time I try to walk to/from work now. Also if it's not bloody freezing, I have my limits. I also found out walking to trivia downtown is also around a mile. I am doing more walking than I realize!

Everyone have a great week!

By the way... Wallace and Gromit is one of my favorite shows/films to watch. Classic British humour. Not as classic as The Ministry of Silly Walks, but its getting there!
Picture from: http://www.musicrooms.net/files/TV/Wallace_Gromit_807874695.jpg

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