Saturday, February 26, 2011

Halfway There!

So the walk thru the Scwarzwald is well underway. I reached my destination at around 2:30, walking 30 km (about 17 miles) in about 6.5 hours. I got misdirected only once and the GPS on my phone is doing a great job in tracking my route and not eating up my battery.

As for myself- I was QUITE happy to get to the hotel. My little feet were feeling it quite nicely, and I am sure I have a blister. And here is my first lesson learned: BRING BAND-AIDS

Das wetter heute war SEHR gut. Blauen himmel und sonne. Temperature sind 7 degrees C? Morgen, regen :(

Ayways, I am pretty much starving so its time for a bier and some abendessen. Tchuss!
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