Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Itinerary Planned!

So it's complete! I got all the places booked and confirmed... its a bit ambitious, but I know the toughest leg altitude wise is the Lake District (the first leg) so after that behind me I *hope* it won't be too bad!

-- DALES --
There are a few days I am worried about... especially the last two. So many miles right at the end is probably being very optimistic. However I have Tom and some friends meeting me at Robin's Hood Bay.... so I have something to look forward to! I am pretty sure I can convince them to buy me an ice cream cone or two as well :)

Well I did a bit of hiking in Davos, Switzerland this last weekend to help prep again. I did two mini hikes.One was up Rhinerhorn, which is about a 600 meter (~2,000 ft) climb in about 2-2.5 hours. That was only about 3 miles. However after my trip down (so double it! YEAH!) and a bus ride to Davos to find some coffee, I walked back ~5 miles to the bus stop to take me back to the hotel in Monstein (a place I highly recommend...beautiful and quiet). Oh and I went paragliding... amazing in the Alps!

To be honest, I was feeling quite sore after this... which makes me quite nervous. There is the option to climb Helvellyn (pictured left), which is the 3rd highest peak in England, clocking in at 950 meters, which I definitely want to do. I hope if I keep training and keep walking with varying elevation changes it will be ok....

I am actually doing a section of Germany's Westweg trail this weekend in the Schwarzwald. 15 miles both days ... thats if there is not a ton of snow. My friend Kris let me borrow her crampons just in case. The 2nd day looks to be quite a steep decline, so let's hope I am sure footed enough!

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