Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not forgotten!

Sorry for not posting in a while! Life has been a bit hectic with work and travel. However, I am happy to report I lost almost 7 pounds since starting this blog! W00t! I would not say I made super drastic changes. I still steal away some Ritter's Chocolate Squares (which btw the Diat ones are not too bad at all, stay away from the Yoghurt one though!) and no matter how hard I try I cannot avoid carbs (Dear pasta: I love you) but still I think I am doing well! I am now back to a more regimented workout schedule, mixing up cardio and strength, with one day as a break.

Tomorrow if the weather hold up, I hope to do a quick 12k walk up one of the famous Treppe of the city. Pictures to come!

I will say one thing about Germany- its GREAT for walking/hiking!

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