Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting to St. Bees

So one thing I really did not think about when deciding to embark on
this journey was actually getting to St. Bees. Its not exactly on the M4. However
after poking around a few places there are some decent options, bus or
train, I am apparantly doing both. I used the National Express Website to book my trip.

Basically-Carlisle seems to be the closest major hub... not sure if its the
same coming from the north/south/east. From there you can catch a
direct train towards Barrow to St. Bees!

Pricing is well... I don't know it doesnt seem so horrible. About 50
GBP to get there? Coming from a land where we have no such thing
really as an interstate public transportation (plus the USA is just so
darn big) system it seems OK to me.

Oh! I also went for a hike in the England Countryside last weeked.
About 12 miles roundtrip. Was not tired at all, but to be fair we did
stop for some homemade blueberry muffins and later a pint :)

Pics posted soon!

- Melissa

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