Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Road to... Where?

I currently have no race to train for, as my next Half Marathon is not until August. It is kind of a relief, but anyone who trains knows the awkward, empty,  feeling of not having  plan typically makes one quickly scan the racing calendar for upcoming events. While I do have a few smaller runs in the agenda, I am trying to curb the urge.

Instead I am trying to focus on strength for a few weeks with runs built-in to mix it up (and keep me at my current levels). With this, I hope to accomplish a better core and overall fitness to help improve my running-- maybe with the added benefit of some more toned arms and tummy! :)

I have a HIIT workout I will use (will attempt to find the video to share) as well as starting the 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge by As I am a member of Virgin Active, I should probably look there for some classes as well. If any has any good recommendations please let me know!

Speaking of the gym, I hope to incorporate once a week swimming and/or spinning. Well, seeing as I have a bike, I wouldn't mind the real thing, but it's getting out to a place where its not stop-n-go traffic which makes it a bit more difficult.

Finally, I hope to return to my calorie logging with MyFitnessPal. With less running, I assume I will need to monitor my intake a bit more. Although if I keep my goals up, I am not sure if my needs will change too much! It you want to see my progress or add me as a friend on MyFitnessPal (camaraderie in battle is always appreciated!) check me out here.

Throughout the time, I will be posting updates on new workouts, new gear (yay!), and tasty recipes, with the potential complaint along the way.  The blog will hopefully be my motivation to keep going, and hopefully inspire a few others to keep going as well.

So Day 1 of #30DFC is done, healthy breakfast has been consumed, and my packed lunch is ready to go... let's begin! :D

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