Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Colour Run Review- June 28- Kempton Park

Hope everyone has been soaking in the sun these past couple of days! I wanted to give a quick write up on the Color Obstacle Rush I did on Sunday at Kempton Park.

Registration: There seemed to be confusion with where to go (as some people got goody bags and some didn't) but once the correct queue was figured out the wait was not too bad.
Loos: Ugh. Being a girl sucks sometimes. Pretty long queue regardless of when I went. Guys didn't even have a line. Such sadness.
Course: Flat but interesting enough. There was a nice lake on the course and of lets not forget the obstacles and color stops.
Obstacles: Pretty fun but apparently quite dangerous. We had to wait a long(er) time to start as someone fell right after the first obstacle (an incline with a drop, I imagine she didn't realise this and twisted an ankle). I also know someone who injured themselves on the last obstacle as the mat was pushed away and she landed on the ground.
Spectators:  They probably felt a bit bored after watching their runners take off... had to wait another 25 minutes or so for them to turn up at the last obstacle. Although they were close to the music and can always people watch others. I thought it would be cool for them to set up wireless cameras at various obstacles and then feed them through monitors, just so they could get a feel for the other obstacles around the track and potentially spy a friend/coworker/loved one.
Music: Pretty kickin music, although once you got past the beginning it wasn't music at every location.
Transportation: We had some people take cars and others (like me) on mass transport. Parking seemed OK but reports state the traffic around the area was quite bad. Not sure if this was due to event or road works, but I suppose its always to be expected. Trains out from Waterloo was fine, however getting back required a 28 minute wait for the next train. Lesson Learned: ALWAYS check CityMapper when finishing a race so you know how much time you have until the next train!

Overall: Pretty fun run, would never hit a PB on it, but its not meant to be like that. The loo thing has become par for the course unfortunately. See below for a video I made of it.

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