Saturday, June 20, 2015

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes between races I get a lull-- where I don't feel like running and the morning workouts get abandoned more easily than they should. We all have them, its all part of the running cycle :)

I really enjoy running in different places. Don't get me wrong, London is lovely, but sometimes a change of scenery is what is needed. Last weekend I was up in Cheltenham, so I decided to take a run in the Cotswolds - half road half trail.

The Cotswolds are a lovely part of England, so wonderful in fact, it is considered an AONB. Heck they even have a long distance walk that covers most of it. I was hoping to do a 10 mile run but could feel some blisters forming so wanted to get back. It didn't help I got a bit lost (thank goodness for Smart phones and friendly people on the path!) but the views were fantastic.

So I highly recommend if you are feeling in a rut-- take a train somewhere and go for a run, you will be surprised what you find!

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