Monday, June 22, 2015

Branching Out from the Gym

I am giving up my Virgin Active gym membership, and its a bittersweet decision. I decided I was not going enough to justify the cost. Plus with summer now (hopefully) in full swing, the only things I really go to the gym for are swimming (which is more stress than relaxing due to the size) and spinning (and there are gyms specifically for that).

That being said, I am looking for other gyms/options. Luckily being in the City for work, I am very spoilt for choice. However there are a few more 'unique' gyms I would be interested to try:

  • Project Fit:  So this place claims burning 1000 calories in an hour, a pretty bold claim. They have a variety of classes and each class costs X credits to do. One credit equals 1 GBP. Of course buying in bulk makes it cheaper.
    • 1 Hour Class: All seeing, all body workout 20 credits/15 credits off-peak
    • Express Class (35 minutes): Like the one-hour class, just shortened 12 credits
    • Core: Just the legs and core (35 minutes) 12 credits
    • Run Class: 55 minutes of varied running + 5 minute cool-down 20 credits
  • 1Rebel UK: This seems like the same concept as Project Fit, although I am sure someone will tell me its very different! One session starts at 20 GBP-- same cost as Project Fit. 
    • Ride: Spinning class. It somehow incorporates hand weights? (30 or 45 minutes)
    • Reshape: Running with all around body strengthening (45 minutes)
  • Cyclebeat: This does exactly what it says on the tin. Spin classes in 30, 45 and 60 minute chunks. One class is 16 GBP, and like all others offers discounts when buying in bulk.
All three have intro offers so I will be trying all three, starting with the Project Fit on Wednesday! We will see how it goes. After my 10 day trial offer (thanks TimeOut!) I will report back on the classes, locker rooms, craziness of instructors, etc. If people know of any other ones round The City do let me know!

30 day fitness challenge almost fell apart after my 13 mile run on Sunday-- however I persevered. I found it much more tolerable breaking it down into sets of ten each until I was finished. 

Speaking of my long run-- my last blog post I encouraged people to get out there and find somewhere else to run. With this run I did just that. I recently purchased "Runners Guide to London" and I am taking a lot of inspiration from it. One of the routes is the Regent's Canal route, and they also offer going west via the Grand Union Canal. Sure it seems a bit of a faff to go on the tube/train but trust me, its well worth it!

Remnants of the Canal's Past... 
Along the Canal near Maida Vale 

Dinner of the Week: Parmesan Pesto Potatoes + Speedy Spinach Pesto + Chicken
BONUS: If you double the pesto recipe (easy to do with spinach) you have enough pesto for  sandwiches or another pasta dish dinner
Dessert of the Week: Lemon Blueberry Bread
Lunches for the Week: Mushroom Pilaf with Brown Rice

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