Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saturday - Journey to St Bees

0900: There is a man standing at our train stop with Aloha board shorts. Never mind its scraping 60 degrees with the ominous smell of rain in the air. Never mind.

I am about an hour outside Manchester and to my first changeover to reach St. Bees. The thought of tomorrow lingers in my mind like the saturated clouds in the sky. First day: 18 miles. I did about 8 yesterday in Cardiff and my legs feel funny. Should have worn my hiking boots-- shit.

I seriously contemplated not doing this walk. However I invested too much effort (and money) to back down now. Plus I know I would by angry at myself for failing.

Sheep. Sheep everywhere. I hope to see many on my C2C. We Americans love seeing farm animals, maybe because it takes us a while to get to them in the cities in the States?

I will say one good thing about the rain- it makes for a lovely green countryside. It almost likke like waves of green slowly undulating in the breeze. The animals dotting the countryside are simply floating about- wading this was and that to tasty morsels.

I wonder what the Irish Sea will look like. Will it be tumultous proceeding the rain? Or will is be tranquil a la calm before the strom? I am not sure what it will be, regardless I am nervous and excited about being one step closer to my 190 mile journey.

My friend Kyle was so nervous about his bike ride across Africa he puked. Let's hope for the sake of everyone else on the train I do not follow suit.

@1630: Finally! I arrived at St. Bees. I am staying at Tomlin Guest House which is conveniently located near Mile 0 of the C2C. The sun is out (gasp!) so I am heading out to snap some photos of the Irish Sea before dinner

@ 2101: Just come back from a lovely dinner at the Queens. Can never go wrong with a pint and fish n chips... battered in Jennings (a local Lake District ale). I also had a warm chickpea and goat cheese salad to sart, with a tangy lime and cilantro dressing. Lotsa carbs and protein for tomorrow!

The Irish Sea is -amazing-. However I think its the surrounding landscape which truly makes itawe inspiring. Beautiful green cliffs rolling seamlessly into the sea. The itself stretches for what seems like miles (but I know it ends... duh). I puchased my obligatory postcard from the cream tea shop (also an obligatory place in a seaside town) for the wall, I wonder how many I can collect.

As I peer outside I see rain on my windowsill. That's fine-- please just stop by tomorrow morning. :)

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