Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking back... and forward

So I would be lying if I said I was ONLY excited to be leaving Deutschland. Do not get me wrong, I am excited, but I am also nervous/sad/scared/excited. In the 17 or so months I have been in Germany I have seen and done some amazing things. Some highlights:

  • Hiking around the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
  • Paragliding over the Alps in Switzerland
  • Karnival in Venice
  • Tomatina in Spain
  • Walking the Seine with my parents in Paris (a place my mom has always wanted to visit)
  • Oktoberfest in Munchen
  • Hiking the Black Forest
  • Biking the Bodensee

I have seen some amazing things, but honestly what I will miss the most are all my friends. It was them who made most of these trips more memorable than they ever could be alone. Luckily I am not going too far so visiting is a quick flight away!

So I am already thinking ahead to next year... what could my next big adevnture be? I want it to include a continent I have not yet been too, so Asia/Australia/Africa/South America. Some thoughts:

  1. Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina: With all this hoopla about global warming, its nice to see a glacier bucking the trend and actually GROWING

  2. Stok Kangri, India: One of the highest places a human can go by just hiking (i.e. nothing technical required)

  3. Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Maybe paired with a Safari this could be a fun two or three weeks!

  4. Safari, Africa: see above :)

  5. Annapurna Trail, Nepal: I have heard amazing things about this trail from friends... so always a bit of a safer bet!

  6. Diving the Great Barrier Reef - Cairns, Australia: Diving. Enough Said.

  7. Inca Trail, Peru: Would have to make sure I go at the right time... but I bet the photos you could take in the morning would be AMAZING. Something about being in a place so old, it breathes history
Either way I know I need to stay focused on my task at hand (the Coast 2 Coast). I am super excited about it ,I am packing what I need now so I can ensure the movers do not take something to storage!

A friend hinted to me something about Grasmere gingerbread... but refused to divulge more details until later. I am drooling over here!

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