Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coast to Coast Maps!

So I finally found some maps of the entire Coast To Coast route... they are broken into 2 maps. They are (British) GPS compatible, and waterproof. The west map covers St.Bee's to Keld, and the East one covers Keld to Robin's Hood Bay. Now the book is nice for maps but this one shows contour lines (ie so now you know exactly how much elevation you gained in a day, or dread how many you will gain the next). I figure I will work with the book first and default to the maps if I am not sure. Plus lets be honest, we all know it will rain so a waterproof map sounds like the way forward.

Anyways you can get both for abut 25GBP at www.coasttocoastmap.co.uk. Or try www.harveymaps.co.uk (these guys actually make the maps!)

I somehow survived Hash Fest Weekend, 2 days of running, and three days of drinking. A bit crazy-- but so incredibly fun! I am looking forward to hashing in England! Now its back to the normal training routine-- running out of time!

Since I am now in the UK-- I tried my hand at scone-making. I substituted
whipping cream for milk, and wowee what a treat! You almost do not even need clotted cream.... but you know, its tradition to have it so.... :)

I do not understand why people say British food is horrible. I think every country has something they should be ashamed of (USA-- see every fast food chain) so its best to sort thru what is out there and make the best of it!
For example, England makes some of the best cheese and ale in the world. You cannot really get the same cheese in the US because we pasteurize our cheese, the Brits don't. I guarantee you that after sampling some lovely Cheddar (like this one), cheddar in the States will be a joke.

Photo of tasty scones from: http://www.theage.com.au/

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