Friday, May 20, 2011

Cheltenham Circular Footpath

So I decided it would be best to NOT just putter around the house jobless and watch telly all day... no! This is England! It rains all the time-- so when I saw the weather for Thursday to be sunny ALL day, I decided it was time to do my first hike, the Cheltenham Circular Footpath.

So it was a bit aggressive- 26 miles (which is a marathon, which my old roomie would just do.... crazy) but I was undaunted. It was a bit of a pain to find a trailhead (I walked around 30 minutes trying to find one, and had to ask someone for help). To be honest, the hardest thing about the trail was FINDING the markers, and sometimes they had markers which went against eachother (I find one post with 3 different markers going in 3 different directions).

However, the views were spectacular! And I saw sheep, bunnies, alpacas, cows, horses, ducks and piggies!

To be brutally honest, I only walked 24.75 miles (2808 calories!) but we walked to the Beehive to meet friends so it came to about 26 miles (and it came with cheese nachos!!)

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