Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of Healthy Eating: Prep

So today I can unveil my ambitious meal plan for this week. You can see it all in Google Doc glory and also grab the recipes.

So... Why? It's an effort to take part in more clean eating while also not going out as much  (when you have no idea what goes into your food generally). I also wanted to see if these meals can also taste good in the process :)

Today was crazy prep day. I started around 1600 and finally closed the kitchen at about 2100, taking an hour out to eat dinner... OK and maybe a few more to follow UKRunChat Hour.
  • Made the banana bread (for when the sweet tooth hits)
  • Made the edamame snacks (4 portions)
  • Made the energy ball snacks (~14 pieces)
  • Made two breakfast burritos (to use up the leftover mushrooms and the eggs I may have accidentally cracked)
  • Made lunch for tomorrow (sweet potato with cashew sauce)
  • Made dinner
Colourful Butternut Squash & Mushroom
Dinner consisted of butternut squash "pasta" with mushrooms and parmesan. Pretty simple to whip up and even with the recipe halved it still resulted in a lovely amount of parmesan to mix in. I tried to be as precise as possible in an effort to keep portion control in check (hooray electronic scales!) and am satisfied with the results. Wish I had the right kind of mushrooms as I lost some of the meatiness that would come from baby bellas. Still-- quite pleased with the taste!

I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow with a bit of trepidation as well... the sweet potato is supposed to be spiralised. However, I do not yet own a spiraliser-- so I figured one could simply grate and get similar results.... the answer is a resounding NO. The final product is more shaved sweet potato, and the issue of course being no uniformity. The garlic dressing tasted pretty good and whilst mixing in with the spinach and potato I also decided to add sultanas, figuring they will add a hit of sweetness. Too much sweetness though? Will find out tomorrow!

Another side affect of the 'Great Sweet Potato Debacle of 2016' is now I have a TON of leftover shaved sweet potato. I am sure I will figure out something to do with them, but currently they are sitting in a bowl of water covered up. I am almost thinking like sweet potato crisps in the oven??

Not surprisingly-- VERY much looking forward to the banana bread and energy ball snacks ^_^

I also have my workout schedule all figured out as well--Look at me so on the organised! I am also wondering if this diet will affect my running/workouts. I figure as long as I am still getting the calories I need (albeit what I imagine to be healthier ones than normal!) I should be pretty OK.

Here is hoping I do not fall off the wagon, or if I do, I can gracefully pull myself up again. 

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