Friday, January 15, 2016

New Year: New Goals

Yes its that time of the year again. A whole new year full of hopeful wishes that are generally dashed or forgotten by June. I am hoping this year I can set more reasonable goals, as most of my 'big' goals are already signed up for. So I am hoping to make smaller changes which hopefully become natural over time.

First, the 'big' goals:
  • Prudential RideLondon: Not sure why I thought a bike ride would be a good idea, considering I have not gone on a bike ride really since 2013. But here we are. Training starts in May. 
  • A marathon: Still not sure which one yet, but it will be in the Fall, after the big bike ride. 
And now, my bigger challenges, the smaller ones!
  • Cut back on carbs: This will probably be the hardest. I don't really have a 'number goal' per se but I am going to try and keep my starches to one meal a day or make little cuts here and there (e.g. open faced sandwiches)
  • Up veggies: I almost put down 'cut back on meat' but I thought better of it. This actually pairs well with the first one as now we have the crazy spiralised vegetable fad which substitutes pasta/rice for veg. 
  • Swap processed snacks for healthy, natural ones: Sitting in an office means the temptation for snacking is high. If I am going to do so, I will try and ensure its something more natural than Oreos. I will not give them up entirely, as typically doing so results in a break down of disastrous proportions. Also, I am not crazy.
  • Try to join (and stick) with a running club: I do not know why I have such a hard time getting myself to these. There are quite a few very close to my office and home. I still really like running on my own terms, but I think these would really come in handy for interval/hill repeats. Like most things, it's going enough to where it become habit. 
  • Seriously everyone should be doing this. CharityMiles racks up your distance run/walked and donates money based on distance to a charity of your choosing. It's not a lot (I have racked up $5.81 over the course of 23.3 miles in January), but every little helps. I will also be matching my donations over the course of a month to the charity I have chose for that month. For my first month I chose GirlUp. My issue is I keep forgetting to turn the darn thing on before a run :)
So the blog this year will focus on these goals. Eating better, training better, and just feeling better! 

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