Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Running out of breath...

Remember how I said I was going to do a 10-mile run? Well I didn't. No. I decided an 8 mile hike would be more fun (and less beer so healthier) for me. And I will admit I thoroughly enjoyed my hike in the Adirondacks, doing a loop at Rondaxe Fire Tower then heading to the Vista Trail. It was great to be trouncing thru the forest with amongst the tall pines and being delighted once in a while with a calm serene lake. I emerged from the trail sweaty and feeling good... some elevation gains and drops, all rounded off with some amazing views (well it WAS called the Vista Trail right?)

However my nagging guilt at not doing the race still looms heavy on my mind. I went for a run yesterday, nothing huge, a 2-miler. I had pains on my sides but I did not feel like I had to stop. So, now I am committed to running ten-miles because I am annoyed that I didn't at the Boilermaker.

So, now that 'vacation' is over, I am eating healthier and I already feel better because of that. However, I am going to try and run 3x a week. I plan to start 2-4/miles a go, and then progressively getting a tad longer each week. If I join a gym I may swap out some spin classes because, I like spinning much more than running, and doing one can improve my time/speed in the other.

Anyways, some links to help beginner (or returning) runners get back in the game:

Core Exercises for Runners: Like I said above, doing one exercise can help in performing another. The key to good fitness is trying to work everything using cardio and strength techniques (safely and effectively)

Food to help burn more during workouts: You are going to run, might as well make the most of it and possibly burn 55% more fat than others who don't eat these superfoods prior to workouts

You are breathing wrong... trust me: Its amazing how breathing really impacts our activities. I noticed this with SCUBA diving. Once I started paying more attention to breathing underwater I significantly increased my dive times as I could use the O2 better. I am sure the same goes for running.

Improve Your Pace
: To get to be a better runner, you need to strengthen your legs and feet. This helps! (I will probably be doing this and the core exercises today as it is raining)

Positive Thoughts equal Results: So you had to take a breather during a run... so you had to walk up the rest of the hill. Rome was not built in a day. Make realistic goals and suddenly its all quite achievable.

No matter what exercise you prefer: cycling, hiking (me!), or running... stick with it and challenge yourself!

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