Saturday, September 3, 2016

One Month Without Running Makes One....

When running is "your thing", when it has become pretty much what you do most waking moments, it is quite difficult to suddenly NOT do it. You feel bad, you envy every runner you see, and abstain from that slice of cake because you are not running crazy miles anymore. Nothing seems to compare to running.

What is even worse when you cheat and go for a run, and it hurts. When you realise your legs are still tired and something is still not right.  Then you wonder if you will ever run again and panic at all the races you already signed up for.

That's me right now.

I had a wonderful time back in Buffalo, and if you ever around the area you should definitely go. It's
changed so much since I was a kid, the waterfront is so vibrant and people are actually coming downtown for the afternoon/evening with no sporting events. Restaurants are popping up everywhere, and the food is (of course) phenomenal. I did some kayaking along the Buffalo River-- with the backdrop of the old silos, the once powerhouses of industry that made the city one of the largest in the United States. Brilliant.

Still I missed running.

So I decided to go for some runs. I couldn't help it. The weather, although high sun at times swelteringly humid, was too lovely to pass up. A run in the 'burbs, a little trail run, and run along Lake Erie. All under 5k. The last one was very hard for me, but I blame humidity and my Uncle running at too fast a pace for me to keep up for long. Still after running the distance I did, it was heartbreaking to feel so winded and so tired.

As soon as I got back to London I called the doctor for my X-Ray results. I didn't know what worried me more; finding something or finding nothing.

The result was the latter, with my GP recommending me to an orthopedic surgeon. That sounds... terrifying.

I am meant to start marathon training next week, which is of course interesting given my weird limbo running situation. Never minding that, I have Surrey Bacchus coming up as well. I have not run more than 10 miles IN A MONTH. No pressure here! Currently my hope is to ensure I run a 10k this week in prep for the half... gosh really cutting it fine aren't I? This should be interesting to say the least.

So everyone happy and healthy in running, don't think less of me if I slightly scowl if you pass me by. I am insanely jealous of you. We take for granted running, it's always when you take it away that you realise it really has become a part of your life. 

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