Friday, August 19, 2016

When A Runner Can't Run

It's every runner's worst nightmare. The last thing they ever want to hear. No running. It sounds so easy! There are plenty of other activities!

I thought I would be looking forward to a break after #RTB. And to be fair I was fine for the first few days. It was glorious sleeping in (until 0730) during the week and *gasp* 0900 on the weekend. Not worrying about how I was going to it my social life into my running schedule. Let me check my cal... oh wait! I know I am free! 

Then the pain started to happen. 

It was small it first, but now it's become more prevalent. A pain in my right foot, just below the ankle. I think this pain causes my arch pain as well, which occurs when I am stationary for more than a hour. My tennis ball has become my best friend. My roller is starting to get jealous.

All this is making me try and keep pressure of my foot, which means a whole load of NOT running. 

Maybe this is a good thing. I am doing more core and arm work, while continuing to do my runner's strength training. I am doing more yoga. I worked up a great sweat on the spin bike. I have plans to swim and SUP (stand up paddle) when I go home next week. 

Still-- my running shoes are calling me. Is that dust I see on them?! Surely not-- it has not even been two weeks!

This morning I went and got an X-Ray. The results will take a week (A WEEK O_O ). She did give me some cheering news: "Its not broken." This was my face.

So in the meantime, I must wait it out. I am really hoping to get some idea of what is wrong and what (if anything) I can do as come September I want to start training for my marathon in. I also have a few races coming up...

Trying not to think about it. Take one day at a time. Continue my torrid affair with the tennis ball. Use smelly deep heat. Continue to keep my physical activity up. Eventually the day will come where I can dust off the running shoes and head out into the great big world for a run. 

I just hope it comes sooner rather than later. 

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