Sunday, July 31, 2016

Do Runners Dream Electric Podiums?

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This was meant to be an audio blog. I recorded it when I was running today. It was a masterpiece, certain to reach the echelons of audio blog greatness, standing shoulder to shoulder with the greats such as Tony Audenshaw.

Of course, this was not meant to be, as I accidentally deleted it when trying to edit out the bit at the end.


So here it is without the witty banter. What do I think about on those long runs to help the miles tick off?

  • Marshmallow World: One recurring theme I have is wondering what life would be like if we lived in a world of marshmallow. Would car accidents be a thing of the past? Would people be falling asleep everywhere? How firm are these marshmallows and what happens in the sun? Important questions. 
  • Counting to 50 and back: Sounds simple enough right? Well twenty or so miles in this thoughtless exercise becomes a bit trying, especially backwards. Shit... did I say 38 already? No idea. For added funsies I also do this in German and Spanish. I do this audibly, so others can learn as well (of course).
  • Dog Will Hunt: You know you always want what you can't have? Thats me and dogs. I love their carefree, joyful nature. I am also jealous of their seemingly boundless energy. I say hello to dogs typically before I acknowledge their human counterpart. If it's an English Bulldog... oh my I go a bit nuts. I always remember where I encounter a bulldog. I think thats a gift. 
  • Okie Dokie Doctor Jones: I am a bit of an Indiana Jones fanatic. I love the films (there have ONLY been THREE, don't tell me otherwise) and have them almost memorised. So what better way to while the hours recounting lovely lines from one of the best trilogies ever ("What happens at 11 o'clock?!"). Or I hum the theme tune... how can that NOT pump you up?
Do any of you have some weird things you think about to while away the hours on your runs? Or do you listen to podcasts/music and zone out?

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