Monday, May 2, 2016

Week Three: Back on Track (finally?!)

If you want to learn more about the challenge I am training for: Running a 5k in every borough in London in one weekend, please go here! I am running for CrisisUK, and you can donate to the cause here. Interested to run a borough with me? Email me at moosenshoes[at]gmail[dot]com (slightly obfuscated to confuse the bots!)

Niggles are a weird thing. You incessantly worry about it and at the same time beat yourself up for not exercising enough. I got a lot.. and I mean a lot of TLC time with my foam roller. I spent more time with my foam roller than Mr. Moose. To be fair, I was so grumpy (or as Vassos Alexander calls it-- run-mpy), he probably did not want to spend time with me anyways.

I did learn the importance of positive thinking, even though I didn't feel quite positive most of the time. I was still keeping my steps count high and telling myself that a few days off will not set me back. In fact, when I developed my running schedule, I worked in a few weeks where I knew I would not be able to put in the miles I want. Maybe I was also thinking that it's good to have a few 'taper weeks'  to give the body a bit of a rest and let it recover before progression. I was quite tipsy on sake though, so I probably wasn't thinking about much of anything, but let's give myself the benefit of the doubt here.

Maybe a bit more important was the importance of cross training. I did a body pump session at my local Fitness First on Saturday morning, and it felt amazing. I was having quite a few 'muscle shakes' during it, which sucks at the time, but I know it results in a stronger body.

MOOSENSHOES TIP #1: Positive thinking will get you through the tough times. So does cake, but enjoy responsibly

Another class I probably NEVER would have done healthy but as I was looking for a low impact activity was 'acqua'. This class was done in the pool and was basically using the resistance of the water paired with dancing to burn calories. I felt a bit silly and was worried about being the youngest person there by a good 30 years. In actuality, it was about 10 of us of mixed age-- and the dance tracks were quite great! It was a mix of latin, swing, pop (Gangnam Style in the pool is hilarious), and dance.

MOOSENSHOES TIP #2: Cross Train. Try a spin class, hop in your local pool, do a body combat/body pump class. Mix it up and watch your body get fitter and stronger. 

Speaking of keeping my steps count up, Mr. Moose and I went to Whitstable to soak up some sun. It felt amazing walking along the beach promenade, watching all the dogs go crazy (pebbles! people! other dogs! birds! I AM LOSING MY SH*T!), and of course, having an ice cream. Even though I was silently wishing I had my running gear with me, I was also quite content sitting and watching the clouds go by.

MOOSENSHOES TIP #3: Sometimes what your body needs is to do nothing. Your body is an amazing machine, but all machines need to recharge at some point.   

I went for my first run yesterday with some hesitation-- was I ready? I was telling myself to take it slow and only go a 5k. After a proper good stretch I set off. Oh. My. It felt amazing. Even dodging tourists was enjoyable because I was running again! Hooray!

Dare I go farther? Oh I dared. 10km through my favourite city and I was in love with running all over again.

So here is hoping I am back solidly on the running wagon. I will still go to my physio appointment because I want to know why I got that niggle and how I can avoid it creeping up in the future.

Happy running/cross-training everyone!

Hard to hate a view like this...

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