Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trading Running Shoes for Hiking Boots: Taking a Few Days Off

Sometimes it's hard to stop doing something you quite enjoy. I have been having a 'niggle' (that is the technical term) in my legs for a few days now when running. I kept thinking to myself 'it will go away' and kept going on my training. However, the niggle was not going away... then this past weekend happened.

I have had this weekend planned for a few months now. A trip to Norfolk for a bit of RnR with Mr. Moose. There would be walks, there would hopefully be some cool stuff to see, and there would no running. It could not have come at a better time, as this was my excuse to not run for a couple of days.

If you live in London (heck even if you don't), I highly recommend taking a trip out to the countryside to recharge. I am not talking Lake District distances, we limit ourselves to a 2-hour driving/train radius. That puts you almost as far west as the Bournemouth, as far east as Kent, South to Brighton and North to most of Norfolk.

Some places that I have been and can recommend are provided below. Do not worry, there are plenty of other activities to do, you will not even miss your running shoes (ok well maybe a little bit)

Watch Your Step! Checking out Orford Ness in Suffolk
  • New Forest: A cyclists dream. Also a ton of walks. Ponies everywhere. Country pubs. 
  • Whitstable: Walks along the beach. Ice cream. A brewery
  • Hastings: Nice walks nearby and also very close to Bodiam Castle for all you castle nuts. Bring your camera!
  • "Isle of Thanet": It's pretty much the eastern most area of Kent. There is a 32 mile Viking Trail bike trail you can do. Include stops for ice cream. 
  • Suffolk: The one place in England where I have found butter tarts. Also, if you like your military history Orford Ness is amazing
  • Norfolk: More cycling here. Walks a plenty. We did the Great Eastern Pingo Trail, which was a wonderful walk to do on a winter's day. Thetford forest has a GoApe and of course you have The Broads
Wherever you go, bring a sense of adventure. There are so many amazing places in the UK to visit, some are literally at your doorstep!

I wish this was my doorstep.. Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk

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