Saturday, February 27, 2016

Secret London: Whispers of the Walbrook

One of the few reminders of the Walbrook
The book "London's Lost Rivers" by Tom Bolton says this is a 'river walk without the river'. They could not be more true. I completed this less than 2 mile run on the way to work this week, but it was a bit harder to navigate just due to the tall buildings and GPS getting confused.

The Walbrook cuts through the original Roman city and runs between Cornhill and Ludgate. It formed the eastern boundary of the Roman Londinium, and was completely covered up by 1463.

I do not recommend doing this run during the morning weekday, its probably best done a weekend. Any joy gotten from this walk was diminished quickly by battling the morning rush hour.

Once again, you can find the route here and below are more fun facts and photos!

Enroute to Broadgate
Looking up at Poultry
  • Shoreditch was the original theaterland of London. One of the theaters was built for Shakespeare's Company, the Chamberlain's Men. It was up and moved to Southwark and renamed to The Globe in 1598.
  • Broadgate sits on what was once a bubonic plague pit, and once when digging up the site found six bodies per cubic metre
  • The architect who won the bid to design the interior of Cannon Street Station did so by bribing a British Rail official

    The final destination of the Walbrook

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