Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Trip to Profeet...

So-- I am a wonky runner. gait analysis proves it. My right leg is all over the place on the treadmill. It almost looks like my left leg will hit it (it goes WAYYY into the left side).  I have been ridiculed when I was younger for waddling like a penguin. It is now coming back to haunt me. My overpronation has (IMHO) gotten worse since post RTB. In the video, you can almost see my right big toe from the camera (which is behind me). Thats bad. The coupled with the fact that I lean my top half back naturally when doing any movement has resulted in hip pain which manifested itself in my feet and then finally in my hips themselves.

That right Shakira, the hips don't lie.

To just see how bad this all is, I went to ProFeet in Fulham to get Run Sports Fit. This means I get the classic gait video analysis and also some pressure analysis which is done by running on a sensor pad a few times. This shows where you have more pressure as your foot moves through the movement.  Steve walked (ran?) me through the motions and explained everything as we moved along.

The results were.. interesting.

To the left we have the pressure points for each of my feet during the run. I am assuming the angle is my natural angle (almost 45 degrees).. more maybe that's how ProFeet puts them.So you see the purple line and the black line? They should be in somewhat of alignment. They are not. Especially on the right hand side. I am spending a lot more time on the left side of my right foot then I should be, this has to do with me sweeping my right leg well into the left hand 'side' of the treadmill/area. The left side is a bit more fluid.

My knees also roll inward (knee valgus) when I run, so combined with all my other issues... it's just madness.

Good news? I am a fore foot striker. Which is apparently a good thing (silver lining?)

I knew I was not too flexible, but like many people, one side is a bit more stiff than the other. It was no surprise that my left side is less flexible in the toe/ankle area.

How to Fix? Anyone got duct tape?

I am not THIS bad.. but close!

  • Stiffness -> yoga/pilates
  • Knee valgus -> I need to get my core and legs in sync, meaning core workouts, squats, and the like. There are quite a few classes at the gym to help out. 
  • Pronation -> new shoes with more support. I was really sad to leave my Brooks Ravennas, considering I used them for 3 or 4 iterations. However, I was kitted out with some Asics Kayanos (known to be good for overpronators) and Adidas Sequence running shoes. They provide a bit more support in all the right places to try and help keep my feet in line(ish) when I am running
  • Ministry of Silly Walks -> My physio told me this is important. Currently when I run/walk, my backward lean basically forces my front muscles in near my hips to activate in order to stabilise, and there is no letting up. Running of course aggravates this. My back/butt muscles are just along for the ride. So-- standing near a mirror, my physio basically moved my chest a bit forward (which I felt as leaning over). Then I looked in the mirror. I was straight. I also noted how the slant of my neck seemed pretty bad (the result of sitting on an office chair-- holding you head up is hard). Rolling my shoulders back fixed that. So now I need to be paranoid when I am running and walking to try and check my posture. In doing this-- I will be 'firing on all cylinders'.
So-- in slow slow steps, I am going to try and do these things. I am still going to sub the cross-trainers/spin bike for 1 or 2 of my runs during the week. I don't want to injure myself any more than I already have!

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