Friday, June 10, 2016

Getting Out There When You Don't Want To

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It was Wednesday evening and I was trying to psych myself up for the RunThrough Chase the Sun Race in Hyde Park. I do not know if it was just the tiredness of attending a conference and socialising or what. It was just one of those days I could not get motivated.

Happy Me: The weather is lovely! Not Happy Me: It's too hot.
Happy Me: You get a flapjack at the end! Not Happy Me: I don't deserve to eat a flapjack.
Happy Me: You hardly ever run in Hyde Park, what a treat! Not Happy Me: I hate loops.

This continued up until the start. I figured I should run the 5k at least and then run home, making it a normal 10k run day. The gun goes off and I start my plod.

About 1k in I am feeling better. I start to pick up my pace a bit. This is a short run so I may as well make the most of it. I was still feeling slow and meh.

1st loop done! Only one more loop! Whoo!

I notice I have a lurker behind me. You know, you start to notice the same footfall noise behind you for too long and realise you got someone 'following' you. Pacing along with you....

At 4k for some reason (I blame a duck) I slowed down, the footfall passes me in a blur of blue. A bloke! Amazing! I decide to give him a run for his money and I tried to shorten the distance between us. He beats me (barely) across the line. My name is called out-- finishing in just under 25 minutes. A 7:53 mile, which for me nowadays is quite speedy.

The man who paced to me turned around and said "You had a great pace for the last loop, I was just following you home... why did you slow down?!"

That gave me a glow inside, to know that even though I thought everything was going wrong on the run and I was not in a great mood, someone thought I was doing a great enough job that they got along for the ride. So those after-school specials are right, you never know who is looking up to you or following your lead, so it's best to just crack on.

"I blame the ducks", I said smiling.

Me in the light green right behind... 

Thank you runner man  #1570, you made my day.

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