Friday, April 1, 2016

Running the Boroughs: My Personal London Challenge

TLDR -> I am running a lot August 6 & 7 in London and want you to run with me. Check out the Google Doc and sign up!

I have listened to many inspirational people these last couple of months. Marathon Talk, Tough Girl, and Advent Running all highlight exceptional people doing exceptional things. However, after listening to them and the initial sense of motivation, I would have this little niggling sense of " can't do that.. you have rent/social obligations/job..."

Everyone has these voices. It just depends on how you respond.

So being a computer nerd I tackled the problem logically. What is something that would be considered a challenge, not require a lot of time off from work, get me seeing parts of the world I never saw before, and still allow me to justify eating a massive Sunday Roast?

I live in London, and I love it. It would make sense to have a challenge center around it. Also with its massive transportation links (*cough* when they work *cough*) getting around is quite easy.

Did you know London has 32 boroughs (the City of London does not count apparently) and were officially created on April 1, 1965? I wonder if people thought it was all a big joke when they announced it. I did not know all the borough names, and could maybe name 15-18 of them. Maybe it's like naming all the counties... no one seems to know them all.

Typically we barely stray from the boroughs closest to where we live, and that is a shame as there is so much of London to explore and discover.

So I thought... could I run in every borough? 

The answer is of course yes of course I can, but this has to be a challenge so how will I make it... challenging but yet still obtainable to me, someone who has run at most 15 miles in one go.

How about a 5k in every borough over a weekend?

160 kilometers. Approximately 100 miles. Over two days.

It's like my own personal ultra!

The dates have been set, August 6 & 7. AND I have the logistics mostly figured out, so if you want to run a borough with me, you can see whats available by checking out My Google Doc. It has maps, information, and my email so you can get in touch!

I will be sharing my experiences and exasperations on my blog; talking a bit more about my training (or lack thereof), and hopefully inspiring others to get out there and explore the world, no matter where they are.

The point of this is not only a challenge to myself but I figure may as well fundraise for a good cause. I have chosen CrisisUK as the beneficiary. CrisisUK is a national charity for helping single homeless people. Tackling homelessness is a huge issue, and nowhere in the UK is that more prevalent than London. If you feel so inclined, please donate to my cause here.

So today, 51 years after the boroughs of London were created, I am putting forth this challenge to myself.

And no, I am not joking.

I will not be posting videos every time... but figure good to start with a bang :)

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