Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin, spice... and everything nice!

I love Halloween. Specifically I love the weather around Halloween. Its crispy cold, but with the sun still being able to warm the days. It's also fun to trudge thru the fall leaves and sit outside warming your hands with some Gingerbread Lattes.

I would of said pumpkin lattes... but that does not exist here in England.

Well pumpkin -does- exist, but not in the mass quantities available in the States. Pumpkin muffin? No. Pumpkin doughnut? Ermm, no. Pumpkin coffee? Definitely not. PUMPKIN ICE CREAM?! No... but we have tea!

Sad panda.
Luckily with the Halloween season one can go out and buy field pumpkins and (finally) be able to cook with this veritable vegetable.

Tom and I will be making pumpkin soup thanks to seeing this recipe featured on Saturday Morning Kitchen today. I love the idea of serving the soup in the pumpkin itself. Clever.

We will not be doing that this time though-- no no. Mr. Pumpkin is destined for a carving not serving-ware.

Tablet Talk Travel Blog: I recently subscribed to this blog after salivating... er, I mean reading about eating ones way through Portland. They seem to have a lot of interesting articles about destinations all over the world, with the latest being Copenhagen.

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