Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beaches and Beaches

Did you know St.Ives has 7 beaches within a 3 miles radius of it? Pretty nifty, and considering the path between them has some of the most breathtaking coastlines, it's no big deal to have to get to another one.

Today I was supposed to do a 2 hour surf session, but there was literally NO waves, so I had the day to wander around the St.Ives area.

Another joy of English beach towns is that cream teas and fish and chippy shops are never too far away. There is a "huge" debate whether the best clotted cream comes from Cornwall or Devon. There is also a formidable debate about if cream should be applied on the scone before jam, or the other way around. Here in Cornwall it is jam first, and I did not want to be an upstart. After a decent day of walking it sounds strange to have a cup of tea (especially on a nice warm day as this one), but there is something strangely soothing about it.

Knill Monument

I also traversed away from the beach in Corbis Bay to the Knill Monument high atop Worvas Hill. This was meant to be a mausoleum for John Knill (who kindly built it for himself), the Mayor of St.Ives in 1767. Ironically enough, he is not buried here at all, rather in London. Hilarious. Still, it has impressive views of the Bay below so it was definitely worth a look see.

Figuring that I was at one of the western most points in England, it would be good to take in a sunset. Unfortunately without some cloud a sunset is a bit lacking in colour, however I think it was a fine one indeed.

Food: Porthminster Beach Bar - black bean burger
          Portmeor Beach Bar - fish n chippy
Beer: St.Ive's Brewery - Broiler Ale

Perfect End to the Day

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